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Light Up Game Day every time your team Scores.
ScorzTM is the Global Leaders at Fan Engagement.
Connecting to Sports Fans on Game Day through our Proven Platform & IoT Sport Celebration Products.
Home Gating. Re-imagined.
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Bringing the stadium experience into the home.

Home Gating. Amplified

Every team. Every sport. Every country.


Celebrate your team, together.

On Premise

Fan Gating. Elevated

Connecting Fans


Game celebrations that matter.

Raise the crowd as one.

Connected Fandom 

Light up NFL


SCORZTM digital ecosystem enable Fans to take the stadium experience home by downloading our apps, connecting our products & celebrating every touchdown and your team's scores season on season - - truly amplifying the fan experience. 

Connecting Fans to their Team and Brands to their Fans

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