We are game changers,
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We are proud to showcase some of the partnerships where Scorz Technology is elevating fan and brand experiences.

Bud Light + Superbowl LII

Working in conjunction with Bud Light, Scorz produced the Bud Light Touchdown Glass. An innovative glass that lit up for any Patriots scoring play. Fans in attendance at Gillette Stadium for the opening game of the 2017 NFL season had the opportunity to participate in a once in a lifetime toast as their Bud Light Touchdown Glass shone in Patriot’s blue when the Super Bowl LI Banner was unveiled. 

Fans could also get in on the fun by purchasing one of 28,300 Bud Light Touchdown Glasses as a not so subtle nod to the Patriot’s epic 28-3 comeback in Super Bowl LI. Allowing fans an in-home stadium experience as they could connect their glass to the Bud Light Touchdown Glass mobile app and it would light up all season long whenever the Patriots scored.   

The Bud Light Touchdown Glasses were further provided to every spectator at the US Bank Stadium for Super Bowl LII and were programmed to light up blue for each Patriots score and green for Eagles scores. Heightening the excitement and thrill of the big game.   

Budweiser Blue Jay's Home Run Glasses

Scorz worked with Budweiser and the Toronto Blue Jay's to develop a unique. The Budweiser Blue Jay Home Run glass. The glass was a prominent feature of the Blue Jay’s 2018 campaign when it set the Rogers Center alight at each Blue Jay’s home game.

The glass would light up as the iconic Blue Jay’s blue whenever the Blue Jay's hit a home run, creating an incredible atmosphere at the stadium while simultaneously providing fans at home an opportunity to experience the same electric feeling from the comfort of their own couch.

Each Budweiser Blue Jay's Home Run Glass was sold as a part of a promotional campaign for 24 packs of Budweiser where the glass was 1 of 3 available Blue Jay's items. The campaign received an 14% purchase intent increase, 2x ad recall and a 42.5% redemption rate.

MCG Light Up Cup powered by Scorz

Australian sporting fans who spent large portions of 2020 impacted by coronavirus restrictions were able to capitalise on an innovative partnership between Scorz and the MCG. Scorz partnered with the iconic MCG to develop the MCG Light Up Cup – a limited edition, Bluetooth enabled cup connected to the Scorz App that ‘celebrated’ in supporters colours every boundary scored or wicket taken at the ‘G during the summer.  

Backed by recent sports marketing research that suggested fans are looking for new ways to enhance the in-home experience of sport consumption the MCG Light Up Cup looked to create a multi-sensory experience that aimed to reconnect fans with the ‘G and continue to make the moments that matter memorable.  

The MCG Light Up Cup activated for fans following Australia, India or any of the Big Bash League franchises during the summer and continued its activation for the upcoming 2021 AFL Season.

Budweiser Canada Red Lights

As a brand that loves ice hockey, Budweiser Canada wanted to deliver the real-time excitement of the in-arena experience to ice hockey fans. Working with Budweiser and their agency, Scorz developed Budweiser Red Lights – an innovative product embedded with a WIFI connection and accompanying smartphone app.

The aim was to develop a product that would enhance the hockey goal scoring experience for die-hard Canadian hockey fans – an authentic-looking goal light similar to those found in hockey arenas. The technology wirelessly connects the Red Light to the internet, instantly triggering a flashing siren as soon as a goal occurs so devoted fans in Canada could celebrate in real-time, no matter where they were.